Saskatchewan International Raceway

2017 Racing Schedule

Sunday May 7 - Street Legal
Saturday May 13 - Street Legal
Friday May 26 - Street Legal
Saturday May 27 - Test and Tune
Sunday May 28 - Season Opener/Points Race #1

Friday June 9 - Street Legal
Saturday June 10 - Points Race #2
Sunday June 11 - Points Race #3
    Land of Leaders #1
Friday June 23 - Street Legal
Saturday June 24 - Points Race #4
    Provincial Champ #1
Sunday June 25 - Points Race #5

Friday July 7 - Street Legal
Saturday July 8 - Points Race #6
    Provincial Champ #2
Sunday July 9 - Points Race #7
    Land of Leaders #2
Friday July 21 - Street Legal
Saturday July 22 - IDP Diesel Race
Sunday July 23 - IDP Diesel Rain Out Date

Friday August 4 - Super Run Vintage Drags
Saturday August 5 - Points Race #8
    Fastest Street Car Shootout
    Provincial Champion #3
Sunday August 6 - Points Race #9
    Land of the Leader #3
Wednesday August 16 - Street Legal
Thursday August 17 - Pitting/Tech
Friday August 18 - Points Race #10
Saturday August 19 - Feature Event - Race Points #11
    Land of the Leaders #4
Friday August 25 - Street Legal
Saturday August 26 - Rain Out Dates
Sunday August 27 - Rain Out Dates

Saturday September 9 - Points Race #12
Sunday September 10 - Season Final/Points Race #13
    Provincial Champ #4
Sunday September 17 - Street Legal
Sunday September 24 - Street Legal
Saturday September 30 - Street Legal

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NHRA Street Legal Drag Racing


What do I need to participate?

  • A valid driver's license
  • Seat belts
  • If using nitrous, nitrous-oxide bottles must be stamped as meeting DOT 1,800-pound standards

    Click here for Racer Checklist

NHRA Street Legal Racing at SIR

What to expect at the track
1. Entry
When you enter the track, you'll receive a tech card after paying your entry/participation fee.

After completing your tech card, you'll drive your vehicle to tech, where a simple safety inspection will be performed on your car.

3. Registration
You'll then check in at racer registration, where you'll sign a release form and show your valid driver's license.

4. Staging lanes
Once you're registered, drive to the rear of the staging lanes and get ready to race.

5. Race
When it's time for you to race, an official will motion to you. Do a burnout if you'd like, or drive around the water box and get ready to stage. When both cars are ready, you'll stage using the Christmas Tree. (link to staging section from media guide) At the end of your run, slow down and exit. Left lane has right of way

6. Timing booth
After your run, you'll pick up your time slip at the timing booth to see how your vehicle performed. Then return to the pits to get ready for more runs.


Submitted by the St. Legal Committee



Over 50 years ago Wally Parks started the National Hot Rod Association to help organize a safe place for car enthusiasts to race and compete against each other in a fair match. In 1994 the NHRA was once more going back to its roots to help curb the growing, illegal and dangerous street racing. The NHRA started the Street Legal Program to help authorities by giving car enthusiast an alternative place to race in a safe environment.

In 1996 with the encouragement of members and management of Saskatchewan International Raceway (SIR), the Saskatchewan Drag Racing Association (SDRA) introduced the NHRA Street Legal Program to Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. Along with many other tracks across Canada and the USA the program was adapted to fit the needs of the community.

In the first the car counts were small and made up of mostly club members but as word got out to the car enthusiasts and car clubs around the province the program has grown. On the Friday of CKOMís Cruise weekend it is standing room only as over 125 cars came out to race their friends and foes.

The Street Legal Program allows car enthusiasts of all ages to bring their vehicles to the track to see how fast their rides are while doing it in a safe setting. SIR Street Legal has developed into a place where families and friends come together with the one thing we all have in common the love of automobiles. The program also allows a chance for authorities to meet and talk to everyone on their level so that the intimidation factor that is felt on the street is all but removed.

Safety is always the number one concern at SIR. All vehicles are inspected to make sure they are safe and have all the safety equipment that is required by the NHRA rule book for the speed that they run. SIRís trained volunteer staff are supported by NHRA certified safety technicians and MD Ambulance is always on site.

SIRís Street Legal Racing has been endorsed by the RCMP, Saskatoon City Police, MD Ambulance as well as the RACE Against Drugs and D.A.R.E. programs.

Alcohol and Drugs are prohibited at STREET LEGAL RACING and this rule is strictly enforced by the staff of SIR as well as the RCMP and Saskatoon City Police.